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This Return Policy ("Policy") is applicable to products purchased from BRONX Shoes falling under the categories "Last Sizes" and "last sizes - 70% off." By making a purchase from these specific categories, you agree to abide by the terms outlined below:

  1. Non-Returnable Items: Products categorized as "Last Sizes" and "last sizes - 70% off" are considered final sale and are non-returnable. Once purchased, these items cannot be returned for exchange, refund, or store credit.

  2. Condition of Products: Please carefully review the product details and sizing information before making a purchase from the specified categories. BRONX Shoes does not accept returns for reasons related to sizing or dissatisfaction with the product characteristics, as these items are offered at a discounted rate due to being last in stock or subject to a special discount.

  3. Defective or Damaged Items: In the event that you receive a product from the "Last Sizes" or "last sizes - 70% off" categories that is defective or damaged upon arrival, please contact BRONX Shoes Customer Service within 7 days of receiving the item for assistance.

  4. Exchange Policy: The non-returnable nature of "Last Sizes" and "last sizes - 70% off" items extends to exchanges. Exchanges for products in these categories will not be accepted.

  5. Cancellation of Orders: Once an order containing products from the specified categories has been confirmed, it cannot be canceled, and the items cannot be returned.

By completing a purchase from the "Last Sizes" and "last sizes - 70% off" categories on the BRONX Shoes website or in-store, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this Return Policy. BRONX Shoes reserves the right to update or modify this Policy at its discretion.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Return Policy, please contact BRONX Shoes Customer Service for clarification before making a purchase.