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For shoes to be marked as more sustainable on Bronx Shoes, they must meet certain sustainability standards, such as being made from LWG-rated leather, eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, or recycled materials. We divide our shoes into three parts, namely: upper, lining and sole. When one of these parts consists of 50% or more sustainable materials, this shoe gets a 'more sustainable' label.

The majority of our materials used are leather. Therefore we try to use as much LWG-rated leather as possible.

LWG stands for "Leather Working Group," which is a global organization that works to promote sustainable environmental practices in the leather industry. The LWG has developed an auditing protocol to assess the environmental performance of leather manufacturers, which includes criteria related to the use of chemicals, water usage, energy consumption, and waste management. The LWG audits leather manufacturers and assigns a rating based on their environmental performance, ranging from Bronze to Gold.

We use the LWG certification system to select leather suppliers that meet certain sustainability standards. By selecting leather from LWG-certified suppliers, we’re confident that the leather we are using in our products has been produced in an environmentally responsible manner.