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BRONX shoes presents "TIME TRAVELER"

Our new collection BRONX shoes has arrived!

The newest collection BRONX shoes is built through two concepts. Both concepts incorporate different trends and trend colours of the moment.

BRONX Her-it age is the first concept within the new collection BRONX shoes. This concept incorporates how people are becoming increasingly aware of the damage their own behaviour is causing to the world. This has led to a greater focus on timeless, second-hand items or items made from recycled materials. BRONX responds to this with four fashion trends, called: Re-archive, Pre-loved aesthetic, pre-lived materials and damage and repair. Re-archiving means that old or current products are redesigned to make them even better. BRONX does this by using its archive of unique and timeless shoes and redesigning them with modern insights. The trend pre-loved aesthetic has been used to create an impression that new shoes have already been worn. Furthermore, BRONX is on its way to a zero footprint, by producing as many shoes as possible that are more sustainable. The trend colours BRONX uses are black, butter, cream white, khaki and cognac. The accent colours are wine red, tangerine red and teal blue. This is reflected in the various black boots, black outdoor bootscognac boots and khaki boots. This is also reflected in the BRONX trainers, in this collection black trainerscream white trainers and trainers with the accent colours can be found. Also in this collection the city western trend is back, through the BRONX cowboy boots. Both the high cowboy boots and the cowboy ankle boots are back in the new collection of BRONX shoes.

The second concept within the new collection BRONX shoes, incorporates how the online and offline worlds merge. At this moment people are busy developing an online personality. However, they are looking for a way to make their offline personality stand out as well. The trends that are incorporated in this concept are: using high tech materials, illusion prints and technical hardware. Using high tech materials means that materials are developed in a new technical way, making them for example more sustainable. This gives BRONX the opportunity to develop sustainable shoes and add them to the new collection. The trend colours used in this concept are bright, bold colours. With blue, green and purple as accent colours. This is reflected in the green bootsred boots and boots with bright details. Also in the BRONX trainers are the trends and trend colours reflected. The trainers also have green and red details and different techniques are used for example for the trainer soles with spikes.

Follow BRONXSHOES on Instagram and Pinterest for the latest trends and launches. Here you can find everything from our collection such as trainers, bootsankle boots and outdoor boots. BRONX is now on TikTok. Share your look with your chosen BRONX biker boot with the hashtag #BRONXSHOES and join our community.