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Will I receive confirmation of my order?

After every order is placed, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address provided. It contains information about which shoe you have ordered, in which size, colour, etc.

Did you not receive this e-mail? Please send an e-mail to

Can I cancel my order?

It is not possible to cancel an order with us. However, you do have 100 days after placing the order to return your package. You will then receive your money back, but the return costs are at your own expense.

Can I place an order if I do not live in the Netherlands?

We deliver all over Europe. However, there are shipping costs outside the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


What are the payment options?

You pay easily and safely via our webshop. Your privacy is guaranteed, we will never share your details with others. Payment takes place via a secure connection and via our well-known payment partner Mollie. Credit card payments are processed via 3-D Secure, which further guarantees your safety. Choose the best way for you to pay for your items. You can make your choice at checkout. More information on payment options can be found here.

My payment is not working, now what?

If you have problems applying one of the payment methods, please contact the relevant partner about this. This is because it involves personal data and therefore we cannot request information about it.


How do I exchange or return my order?

Is the ordered item not to your liking? Then you may return the package within 100 days of placing the order. Return costs are at your own expense and vary per country. We cooperate with the return service Returnless.

For more information on return process, click HERE.

Within how many days can I return my shoes?

Within 100 days of placing the order, you can return the shoes. Once we have received them at our distribution centre, the money will be transferred back into your account within 14 working days.


I have received the wrong product, now what?

Have you received the wrong product? This is very annoying but can unfortunately happen...

1. Go to

2. Select the return reason "Received wrong product".

3. Upload a photo of the product received and a screenshot of the order confirmation, showing the product ordered.

4. Select the desired solution.

5. Submit the return request.

We will send you a free return label as soon as possible.

I have a complaint, what now?

Unfortunately, receiving a damaged product can also happen.

1. Go to

2. Select the return reason "Product is damaged

3. Describe the damage.

4. Upload at least one photo of the damage.

5. Select the desired solution.

6. Submit the return request.

We will send you a free return label as soon as possible.

My shoes have broken, what now?

Mail a description and photo of your complaint to, so we can check how serious the damage is and what we can do for you. Please include the order number of your order. You can also call 0416 - 56 26 50 from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00.

I have a complaint but I bought my shoes from another webshop/store, what now?

If you have a complaint about BRONX shoes bought at another webshop/store, please go back to the relevant retailer. They can then help you further. This is because they are currently responsible for complaints from customers who bought BRONX shoes from them. The retailers where you bought the shoes will then contact us again to see what they can do.