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Embracing Nature

Having spent most of our time inside during the pandemic, SHE. Is ready to shine after lockdown! With our BRONX Shoes Collection SS22 trend #1 we appreciate and celebrate the nature around us. We took inspiration from raw nature of mother earth. Having discovered nature again, seen the raw forests, breathed fresh air, cleared our head and forgetting about the busy city for a while, SHE. Is an adventurer again.

At BRONX Shoes this made us realise that we have to be careful with our nature and the planet. We at

BRONX Shoes is more and more focusing on sustainability as well, to make you and mother earth happy. You can read more about our way towards zero footprint here. SHE. buys less, but better.

BRONX Shoes embraces the simplest of silhouettes and upgrades them with statement detailing. SHE. hasn’t lost her femininity after all the rapid changes in behaviour from the lockdown.