Introducing the first Radiant Rebellion

Sterre Marith Tapilatu

In this exclusive photoshoot for brx by BRONX, Sterre embodies the rebellious spirit of the brand. She is the perfect muse for the skat-err sneakers, a bold and daring design that combines vintage details with a modern chunky sole.

The skat-err sneakers are made for the young who are not afraid to be themself. They are a symbol of strength, individuality, and attitude. If you are ready to embrace your inner rebel, then the skat-err sneakers are for you.

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Dutch songbird Sterre Marith Tapilatu isn't just belting out hits like "Zo ben jij" – she's conquering the world one bold fashion statement and Skat-err sneaker at a time! Remember her fire in TP4Y? Now, she's a solo star, dazzling with fierce style and infectious energy.

This beauty powerhouse isn't afraid to rock vibrant hair and turn heads. But Sterre's more than just looks – she's open about her faith and struggles, inspiring with her authenticity.

Join the Radiant Rebellion! Follow Sterre (@sterremarith) and witness a true rebel blaze her own path. Don't miss this unstoppable force!

Concept: Veerle van Sleeuwen
Photographer: Bente van Bremen
Videographer: Veerle van Sleeuwen
Model: Sterre Marith Tapilatu
Styling: Evi Kuijsters
Mua: Dani Fuerza

Location: Fuerza Studio