The UPP-DATE, an iconic sandal, with its slotted eyelets and unique polyurethane construction, first rose to fame during the punk era. Unfortunately, production was halted due to its difficult design. But after all these years in the archive, BRONX has resurrected this beloved shoe and given it a modern update using advanced digital tools.

And that's not all – BRONX has teamed up with designer Jessica to create a fresh interpretation of the UPP-DATE shoe. Her take on the design features stand-alone upper elements, making each shoe completely customizable. The collaboration celebrates femininity in all its forms, and the collection includes three unique styles, each available in two colorways.The WRAP-UPP, the MIX-UPP and the LACE-UPP all three equally stunning.

MULAS HYBRID HAUS is a fashion label and creative studio that aims to challenge fashion norms by uniting extremes, stereotypes, and unknown territories. With a critical perspective on the current fashion industry, founder Jessica van Halterenstrives to showcase a new approach to fashion. The label transforms untouched and exploited aspects of fashion into "hybrid wear," dressing and undressing bodies, objects, spaces, and places.

GLAMCULT is a Dutch independent print and online magazine that is considered one of the most progressive in the fields of fashion, music, art, and youth culture. The magazine was founded in 2003 and has since provided a platform for many creatives.

The photos of the shoes can be seen in GLAMCULT #137 - The DAWN Issue.

Photography // Woody Bos