Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey that transcends time and blurs the boundaries between the past and the future. "THE LUCKY NUMBER," an enchanting trailer, unveils the forthcoming Spring/Summer '24 collection from BRONX Shoes. Inspired by the auspicious year of 1886, when Dijkmans Shoes, now known as BRONX, came into existence, this collection celebrates the rich heritage of the brand while embracing the exciting possibilities of the future.

Watch the movie with sound here

Spring Summer 2024 collection out from January/February

As the camera pans across the room, showcasing the distinct characters partaking in the bingo game, the audience is captivated by the essence of unity and diversity. Each individual, through their unique style and personality, embodies the spirit of individuality. The bingo game itself serves as a metaphor for the unexpected twists and turns of life, with each number representing a moment of chance and opportunity.

"The LUCKY NUMBER" is more than just a trailer; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of creativity and the seamless integration of tradition and future possibilities. Join us as we embark on this journey, where the lucky number 1886 ignites a world of imagination and collaboration. Step into the future with BRONX Shoes and embrace a new era where fashion and technology intertwine, bringing you endless possibilities with every step you take.


Concept : Veerle van Sleeuwen | @veerlevsleeuwen & Dapper Bruijn
Directed : Dapper Bruijn | @dapperbruijndir
DOP : Sander Pieters | @sanamsterdamdp
First AC : Elise Wiebes | @elisewiebes
Director's Assistant : Raoul Karadag | @raoulkaradag
Edit : Dapper Bruijn
Colour grading : Sander Pieters
Production : Veerle van Sleeuwen
Photography : Bente van Bremen | @bentevanbremen
Styling : Kaat de pina | @kaatdep_
Evita Bouwmeester | @Evitananine
Runner : Femke Broeks | @femkebroeks
Talent : Sarah Wattimena | @Sarahwattimena
Muah : Juul Kowsoleea | @juul.kowsoleea
Supervision & Text : Elke Naber | @elke_dag_weer